Legal Industry HR Issues & Salary Survey

Every year ALPMA produces reports that reveal the hottest HR issues and challenges within the Australian and New Zealand legal industries.

The annual ALPMA Legal Industry HR Issues & Salary Report provides a comprehensive, independent review of salaries paid for over 70+ and 55+ legal, management and support roles at Australian and New Zealand law firms respectively, broken down by location and firm size so you can compare compensation strategies with like firms.

Firms who participated in this research are provided with a complimentary copy of the final report.

The most comprehensive study of salaries and remuneration within Australian & New Zealand law firms

This includes detailed information on:

  • Employment profiles at Australian & New Zealand Law Firms
  • Firm and individual bonuses, benefits and incentives
  • Other entitlements on offer at firms
  • Diversity and inclusion metrics
  • Parental leave
  • Current and future HR issues and challenges
  • Employment and salary projections, anticipated salary increases and bonus structures, and a summary of salary movements
  • Current salary data from Graduates to Equity Partners (and everything in between);
  • Staffing profiles and roles
  • Recruitment intentions for the coming year
  • most importantly allows you to benchmark your firm against relevant firms

Full Australian HR & Salary Report now available.

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Full New Zealand HR & Salary Report now available.

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Legal Industry HR Issues & Salaries Research

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