Changing Legal Landscape: Annual Summit Research

In collaboration with our ALPMA Summit Principal Partner

The global legal industry is undergoing irreversible transformation—driven by a range of factors including customer demands for better value, a highly competitive market, rapidly evolving technology and changes to the way we work and live.

Each year, as part of our preparations for the ALPMA Summit, in collaboration with our Principal Summit Partner ALPMA undertakes research that tracks how law firms are adjusting their strategies and business models to adapt to this changing legal landscape. The research investigates the changes that are impacting Australasian legal firms today, how firms have responded to date, what firms plan to do to accommodate these changes and how prepared the legal industry is to survive and thrive in the “new normal”.

2023 ALPMA/Dye & Durham Research: Embrace, Adapt, Evolve

ALPMA and 2023 Summit Principal Partner Dye & Durham are excited to investigate changes to the Australasian legal landscape over the past 12-months and how firms are adapting to rapid changes in the legal market.  Participant insights will help establish a comprehensive report detailing key themes and trends influencing strategy and innovation within Australasian legal community.

This survey is open to all law firms or legal departments in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The findings of the survey were released via a report made available during the 2023 ALPMA Summit.

2022 ALPMA/Dye & Durham Research: Reaching New Heights

ALPMA and Principal Summit Partner Dye & Durham are excited to share the findings of the recent research conducted on the Australian & New Zealand legal landscape. This research explored key themes and trends influencing the legal community and how firms are adapting to rapid changes in the legal landscape and to establish a benchmark for firms who are falling behind.

It is undeniable that the legal industry is rapidly transforming to respond to the challenges of digitisation, competitive markets, time scarcity and human resources. But, how prepared are Australasian law firms for these challenges, and how can the industry move forward with confidence?

These questions have brought together two industry leaders: Dye & Durham and the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA). This partnership has delved deep into this topic to gain important insights through an Australasian-wide research project involving 160 law firms.

2019 ALPMA/GlobalX Research: Move Forward with Confidence

The 2019 ALPMA and GlobalX Summit Research project involved surveying Australasian law firms to explore how firms are adapting to rapid change in the legal industry and establish a benchmark for firms who are potentially falling behind in future-proofing their firm.

It is undeniable that the legal industry is rapidly transforming to respond to the challenges of digitisation, competitive markets and regulatory scrutiny. But how prepared are Australasian law firms for this transformation? How can the industry move forward with confidence?

The 2019 ALPMA Summit was designed to help provide Australasian law firms answer these questions and create with a roadmap to transformation so they can move forward into the future with confidence.

2018 ALPMA/GlobalX Research: Shaping the Firm of the Future

The 2018 ALPMA GlobalX research project poses this question to Australasian law firms:

“Are you ready for the future?”

New technologies, systems and shifts in culture are pushing law firms and the legal industry to quickly adapt. But how agile are our businesses—and how prepared are we for these changes?

The 2018 ALPMA Summit was designed to help Australasian law firms and departments future-proof their business.

2017 ALPMA/InfoTrack Research: 21st Century Thinking

This year, ALPMA and Infotrack collaborated on research to understand:

  • How Australasian law firms support the key 21st century learning skills of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-thinking and Communication
  • What actions firms have taken to improve their skills in these areas over last 12 months
  • How effective these efforts have been in achieving desired outcomes.

2016 ALPMA/InfoTrack Research: A Blueprint for Change

In 2016, ALPMA and InfoTrack collaborated on ground-breaking research to investigate:

  • How Australasian law firms are supporting innovation and change at their firms
  • The people, process and technology initiatives law firms are implementing in order to adapt to the changing environment.

The research results provide your firm with compelling insight into how firm’s are driving innovation and responding to the changing legal landscape and the people, process and technology initiatives that Australasian firms are investing in to ensure they remain competitive.

Over 160 law firms from across the region participated in this research, conducted in July 2016, and the results make fascinating reading. A key finding was a real disconnect between how innovative firms think they are and what they are actually doing in terms of investment in strategic initiatives.

2015 ALPMA/LexisNexis Research: Preparing Australasian Law for a Digital, Divergent, Differentiated Future

The 2015 ALPMA and LexisNexis research investigated what changes (if any) Australasian law firms plan to make in order to position themselves for a successful future over the next three years to: the markets they serve; their resourcing mix; marketing and business development strategies; internal systems and processes; legal services delivery model and strategic relationships.

A broad range of law firms from across Australia and New Zealand participated in the research conducted in July 2015, sharing their plans for the markets they serve, their resourcing mix, marketing and business development strategies, internal systems and processes, legal services delivery model and strategic relationships over the next three years.

The research results will provide your firm with greater insight into exactly what Australasian firms are doing to respond to the changing legal landscape—and help you develop and refine your firm’s business strategy.

2014 ALPMA/LexisNexis Research: The Impact of the Changing Legal Landscape on Australasian Law Firms

The results from the 2014 ALPMA and LexisNexis research The Impact of the Changing Legal Landscape on Australasian Law Firms were presented by LexisNexis at the opening session of the ALPMA Summit on Thursday 28 August at the Melbourne Crown Convention Centre.

This year, the ALPMA/LexisNexis research was expanded to include additional questions around changing pricing strategy, who in the firm is driving change and progress of change initiatives.

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