2016 ALPMA/McLeod Duminy New Zealand HR Issues & Salary Survey


New Zealand

Report released on

12 May 2016

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The 2016 ALPMA/McLeod Duminy New Zealand Legal Industry Salary and HR Issues Report provides reliable information on salary trends for a comprehensive range of positions and experience levels at law firms across the country and helps firms benchmark their compensation strategy to like firms. Sixty-Nine New Zealand law firms from across the country, employing 2,033 people, completed the survey.

The report includes:

  • Details of salaries paid for 62 legal, managerial and administrative positions at law firms across New Zealand—broken down by location and size of firm.
  • Information on employments benefits and bonuses.
  • The staffing mix of part-time, contract, casual and full-time workers employed at law firms.
  • Key staffing ratios to measure firm productivity and performance.
  • Anticipated salary increases and law firm recruitment intentions for the next 12 months.
  • The key HR issues and challenges facing law firms in 2016.
  • Diversity and inclusion perceptions, programs and plans.

More than 80% of firms offer mobile phones and car parks.
2016 ALPMA/McLeod Duminy Salary & HR Issues Survey Report 

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