Legal Industry Financial Performance Benchmarking

Find out how New Zealand & Australian firms can start stepping up the numbers.

To assess your financial performance and help with stepping up the numbers, you need to understand how your firm is performing compared to similar firms, identify areas for improvement—and then implement strategies to address them. As part of our commitment to helping you run a successful legal practice, ALPMA conducts free annual financial performance benchmarking research for law firms in conjunction with Findex in Australia and New Zealand.

Participating in the study will help you

  • Benchmark your firm’s financial performance against key indicators including profitability, work in progress days, debtor’s days, interest expense, labour cost, rent, and working capital.
  • Gain insight into the industry’s financial performance expectations for the coming year.
  • Find information on law firm growth strategies, remuneration, pricing and charge-out rates.
  • Rate your performance against like firms and identify areas for improvement.

financial benchmarking for Australian firms coming soon.


New Zealand financial benchmarking report coming soon.

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If you have any questions about the research or need assistance, please contact our research team.