Editorial Guidelines & Blog Policy

A guide For guest bloggers and experts

The purpose of the ALPMA blog is to be a source of educational, practical, interesting and engaging content for our blog visitors; and particularly relevant to the legal industry.

Our blog topics are diverse with a primary aim to assist our members and blog visitors to:

  • Develop their core management skills; and
  • Build their knowledge across all facets of legal practice management:
    • BD and Marketing
    • People and Culture
    • Financial Management
    • Operational Management
    • Strategy and Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Technology and Knowledge

Blog contributors should keep in mind our primary visitors include:

  • Practice Managers / General Managers / Law firm department leaders
  • Office / Administrative / Operational Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Human Resources / People & Culture Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Knowledge Managers

Content Guidelines

  • Your content should be original and not simply copied from another platform (for example, from your website)
  • You must be respectful – this does not negate the opportunity to submit provocative or controversial views
  • Do not divulge any commercial-in-confidence material or confidential details
  • Your content should be written on an educational basis, not a sales basis – ALPMA reserves the right to remove/delete content that may be perceived to be advertising yours, or any other person’s product or services
  • If referencing content or data from another source, provide a hyper-link to that source
  • Any images you supply must be in jpg format and you must have commercial ownership of or subscription to any images
  • Express that any opinions are your own

Helpful Tips When Preparing Content

  • Our suggested blog length is a minimum of 500 words with no maximum (deep topic dives are welcome!)
  • Break your content up with sub-headings, lists and quotes
  • Ensure you use plain English
  • Ensure you define industry specific jargon
  • If referring to research and/or statistics, qualify this with hyper-links to the findings
  • Provide an image (you must own commercial use rights) that enhances the body content of your blog
  • It’s great to be controversial and challenge the status quo but make sure it’s backed up with a reasoned argument.
  • Blog topics like the following, are known to attract high rates of visitation and sharing:
    • The seven reasons why …
    • How to …
    • Three things successful firms …
  • If you have previously published with us, consider updating or extending an existing article to increase its value and lifespan

ALPMA Conditions of Publishing

  • ALPMA will review your content and, if required, recommend amendments. If you do not wish to accept any recommendations where ALPMA believes they breach our guidelines and policies, your blog may be rejected.
  • The final copy of your content will have to be approved by you
  • ALPMA may promote your content across its social media platforms, eDM’s or by any other means
  • ALPMA does not accept responsibility for the content you provide and does not endorse the views of any blog author.

Would You Like To Be A Guest Blogger?

With acknowledgement of the above, you can submit your request to contribute to the ALPMA blog by emailing the ALPMA Digital Communications Manager with your suggested topic(s).