2013 ALPMA/Legal People Australian HR Issues & Salary Survey



Report released on

14 May 2013

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The 2013 ALPMA Australian Legal Industry Salary Survey Report, proudly sponsored by Legal People Recruitment Specialists.

  • Covers 69 roles at law firms, including lawyers, senior executives and managing partners, HR, Finance, IT, Knowledge Management,2013 ALPMA Salary Survey Report Marketing and Business Development personnel and administrative staff and a range of experience for each category.
  • Shows the lowest, highest and estimated average salaries paid for 69 positions at law firms.
  • Breaks down salary data for each role firm size and state, so you can directly compare your compensation strategy with like firms.
  • Includes information on benefits offered and bonuses paid across the industry.
  • Details law firm anticipated salary increases for FY14.
  • Forecasts firm recruitment intentions for FY14 by category.
  • Shows the employment mix of full-time, part-time, contract and casual staff by size of company.
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