Regional Law Firm Management Forum -
Allied Legal Professionals: More Than a Non-Lawyer

Friday, 18 October 2019 | Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Practising and non-practising legal professionals all have a role in a firm’s future success. The skills required to compete are more complex and diverse than ever before.

The role of lawyers and management are inter-twined, particularly those leading entire firms or practice groups. Law firms must now compete on many fronts. 

      No longer competing with only direct competitors - the globalisation of large law firms expanding their footprint into the Asian market, the rise of new competitors in the form of new business models, and the increasing sophistication of technology all provide new options to clients and prospects.

      Operating profitably is more complex than it has ever been - in order to compete, firms must consider project management, process improvement and offer pricing options to get the most from existing resources. Firms must also consider how they can complement their core offering with technology, flexible lawyers and of course, Allied Legal Professionals.

      Recruitment and staff retention is harder than ever - whilst there is no shortage of talent, high-performing and aspirational talent have many more options to choose from than they traditionally have. A growing number of lawyers are opting for alternative career paths including corporate counsel, becoming a contractor, starting their own firm, leaving the law to work in business or even joining a legal-tech startup.

In this year’s Regional Law Firm Management Forum, delegates walked away with: 

      Progressive ideas to implement in your firm, immediately.

      Themes that should be considered as medium-term projects by your firm’s board, practice groups and management team.

      Experiences and stories from law firm leaders and leading consultants on what has worked for their firms and clients.


Speakers & Sessions

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[NB: Presentations are only available to Forum delegates]

Evolution of the Strategic Legal Pricing Function


Stephen Spencer, Head of Operations & Pricing, DLA Piper Australia

What Comes First - Legal Project Management or Legal Pricing?


Therese Linton, Director, Basalt Group

Law Firm Finance: Everyone's Business


Hanim Hamzah, Regional Managing Partner, ZICO Law 

Why Wellbeing? The Evidenced Based System of Wellbeing that Builds Employee and Organisational Health and Improves Productivity


Andrew Douglas, Managing Principal, FCW Lawyers

Collaborating to Transform Your Firm: The Strategic Imperative


Peter Campbell, Director Client Services, Hall & Wilcox

Trends in the Consumption of Legal Services


Taur-Jiun Wong, President Singapore Corporate Counsel Association and Head of Legal, Rabobank Singapore

How to Build a Legal Automation Tool From Scratch in 15 Minutes


Evan Wong, Co-Founder & CEO,

Click here to download available Forum presentations

[NB: Presentations are only available to Forum delegates]

Our program was hosted by Master of Ceremonies, Eric Chin, Principal, Alpha Creates and Founding Board member at ASEAN LegalTech (ALT).


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