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Developed with Law Firms, for Law Firms!

Crafted in collaboration with legal professionals, IT Simply's Practice Intelligence service is tailor-made for law firms. This innovative tool consolidates your firm's data into a comprehensive, multi-tiered dashboard system that's straightforward and user-friendly.

Featuring both management and individual perspectives, Practice Intelligence quickly secures team engagement, enabling managers to effectively communicate with their teams about key insights and performance metrics.

Beyond streamlining the creation of management reports, Practice Intelligence offers in-depth analysis capabilities. Users can delve into detailed data to uncover the underlying factors driving their results, whenever required. This feature not only saves time but also enhances understanding and decision-making within the firm.

What is Practice Intelligence?

Practice Intelligence is a reporting dashboard developed specifically for partners and managers of progressive law firms who want to understand what is happening in their firm on a daily basis

Developed on the customisable Power BI platform from Microsoft, Practice Intelligence breaks down data into 5 main areas including company overview, team, solicitor, client and fees. These are only viewable by those with permission.

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