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Lawganised is a boutique management consultancy that exclusively services the legal profession in Australia and around the World.

Our vision is simple: To change the lives of law firm Principals.

How we do that is to provide Principals with certainty in their practices. This certainty is achieved across the entire operations of their practice: their client engagement and matter lifecycle, their systems and processes, their cash flow, their practice risk management, and their people. This, in turn, gives Principals more freedom and a fresh new outlook on their firms and their lives.

Lawyers need to practise law, and Lawganised helps the business with the rest. We offer law firms a holistic approach via a three-layered solution that starts with the right foundation, then the right moving parts, ensuring the right outcomes. The right foundation is achieved through Operation Excellence including areas such as structuring for profitability, risk management, Trust Account compliance, and your people and culture. The right moving parts are achieved by having the right practice management and systems. This allows your firm to enhance efficiency in client service, automate processes, and ensure accurate and timely reporting. Finally, having the right foundation and moving parts ensures the right outcomes, that being cash flow enhancement for your firm. Having cash flow focused client engagement processes, supported by disciplined file management and collections will see your cash flow rapidly improve.

With Lawganised, this integrated three-layer approach saves law firm Principals time and money. Of course, our services are tailored for each specific firm, so if you require help with one specific aspect of your law firm, we can assist.

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