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Grace’s story has humble beginnings—set up by two brothers in 1911 who worked in the removals business. Through steady expansion, it launched its information management services to address the specific challenges faced by the legal industry to protect customers’ sensitive physical and digital information. With a nationwide network of 28 branches, Grace ensures a local presence in every capital city and major regional centre.

In today's digital era, businesses in the legal industry require innovative solutions to manage their information effectively. Grace recognizes the evolving needs of its long-standing customers, who have traditionally relied on paper records and manual processes. Our aim is to guide them through a digital transformation journey at their own pace, understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable.

Once a customer's "digital maturity" is assessed, Grace designs a customized and actionable strategy known as a "transformation pathway" to propel the organization into the digital future. These transformation pathways encompass the development of records management strategies, policy development, and the implementation of commercial high-speed, book-scanning, and wide format capture solutions. For both digitized and "born digital" records, Grace offers secure cloud-hosted Enterprise Content Management system through our ELO powered Grace Digital Office suite.

In summary, Grace has a rich history of serving the legal industry and has evolved its services to meet the challenges of managing physical and digital records. We provide tailored solutions, from initial assessment to transformation pathways, encompassing comprehensive records management strategies, scanning solutions, secure cloud-based systems, and defensible disposal methods.

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