Always focus on efficient client service with streamlined international payments

With 30 years’ experience partnering with over 700 law firms worldwide, Western Union Business Solutions are experts in streamlining firms’ domestic and cross-border payments.

As a trusted partner to the legal industry, our payments expertise includes servicing law firms to help with payments regarding intellectual property, immigration, mergers and acquisitions, settlements, foreign associates’ payroll and payments, partner draws and foreign office funding.

With dedicated client managers who understand legal industry trends, we’ll partner with you to design a solution through your transformation projects or as a bespoke delivery project, helping drive operational improvements in your payments ecosystem.

Western Union Business Services

Simplify complicated payment processes

We understand that labour intensive payment processes may impact your ability to efficiently service clients and pay foreign associates. WU® GlobalPay for Legal platform can help simplify your processes:

  1. Integrate your Law Practice Management Software (PMS) or ERP with our online platform.
  2. Capture, submit, pay and track invoices in one online platform.
  3. Facilitate internal controls with bespoke user rights and reporting.
  4. Deliver automated beneficiary notification and invoice validation.
  5. Streamline processes with end-to-end invoice flow from incoming receivables, through to outgoing payments, and administration management.
  6. Increase efficiency by enabling vendors to self-service bank detail updates and track payments progress

Streamlined client billing

Future Payments can help your firm streamline client billing for foreign associates and vendors invoices. Manage exchange rate fluctuations by securing a fixed exchange rate for up to 8 months and billing clients a fixed AUD cost. This helps you forecast future expenses in AUD, and minimise the need to re-bill clients or absorb costs due to exchange rate fluctuations.

It’s important to note, when you enter a Future Payment you are locking in a fixed rate for the invoice and will be required to pay in full, even if the market moves in your favour.

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Simplfy your IP payments workflow











Managing clients’ Intellectual Property requires extensive work in partnership with foreign associates, to help protect their patents, copyrights, brands, trademarks
and trade secrets across the globe. This requires significant levels of invoicing administration and reconciliation to keep on top of the high quantity of invoices typically generated for IP matters.

IP Payment Workflows


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