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Kinetics Group enables its customers to focus on their core business functions by creating efficient and reliable IT that lets you work from anywhere, with comprehensive cybersecurity and the skills to use your tools to their fullest.

We apply a series of methodologies to ensure you receive the highest standard of service.  These start when we first engage with you, focusing on your desired outcomes so we can then determine what technologies are best for your business.  We use a comprehensive FlightPlan to understand and prioritise the highest needs within your business.  We assess the performance of your IT plan by determining KPIs to regularly measure and review their performance with you.  We help you manage your entire information systems and technologies.

Articles from Kinetics

A move to the cloud for TBB: Kinetics advances prominent law firm’s digital journey

Faced with a legacy practice management system coming towards end of support, Auckland city firm TBB tested the market and decided on partnering with Kinetics for the delivery of a replacement. Through the engagement, Kinetics has not only successfully migrated TBB to an improved solution, but it has also introduced multiple cloud and mobile technologies, enhancing the firm’s way of working. The introduction of solutions including Microsoft 365 and OneLaw have created efficiencies, help limit paperwork, and improved collaboration, and equipped the company’s people for seamless ‘work anywhere’ flexibility.

How one business saved tens of thousands of dollars and lifted their customer experience with Microsoft 365

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