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All your AML, KYC and KYB tools in one platform.

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Designed to suit all AML teams. Built for every step of the process.

Source is an advanced AML software with the ability to conduct KYC, KYB, PEP, sanctions and adverse media checks, eIDV, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring, record keeping and more, all-in-one tool.

Source powers thousands of compliance experts around the globe to reduce the time and cost burden of complex and international entity KYC, while minimising compliance, reputational and security risks.

Useful resources

[Free Guide] Your Complete Guide to Setting Up a Successful AML Compliance Programme

We've done the legwork of breaking down the steps businesses take when setting up a successful compliance programme.

While Tranche 2 has not been enacted yet, it's assumed the requirements will be similar to what Australian financial services currently must adhere to and what overseas lawyers and conveyancers do in alignment with FATF recommendations. This does not constitute advice and is for illustratory purposes only.

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Tranche 2: Everything you need to know

Keep up-to-date and be informed about the next phase of Australia’s AML/CTF Act.

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