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6 September 2022

TopicStrategy & Innovation

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Watch the 2022 ALPMA Summit sessions anywhere, anytime and catch up on all the sessions you missed. Members who attended Summit have complimentary access Summit On-Demand package. Please contact ALPMA Staff if you have not received the access details.

The 2022 ALPMA Summit took place 31 August - 2 September 2022 at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast. While we can't recreate the Summit reconnections and spectacular social events, we can give you access to the sessions where speakers provided consent to be recorded.

The ALPMA 2022 Summit program featured keynote speakers, workshops, plenary concurrent sessions, panel discussions, and a well-being session and facilitated by the MC extraordinaire, Warrick McLean.

Speakers included:

  • Layne Beachley
  • Callum McKirdy
  • Future Crunch
  • Angela Smith, Mind Your Mojo
  • Alena Bennett - CFO skills of the Future
  • Kim Wiegand and David Goener, Beaton
  • Robyna May, Verlata Consulting
  • Kathryn Jackson, Career Balance
  • Allison Warburton & Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis, Lacuna Professional Solutions
  • Grant Field, MGI – Business & Financial Advisors
  • Ray D’Cruz, Performance Leader
  • Tessa van Duyn, CEO & Practice Leader, Moores
    Zoe Lynam, Co-CEO, Proximity
    Lee James, CEO, Fletcher Vautier Moore
  • Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation
  • Kiarah Grace Kelly, Brisbane Family Law Centre
  • Dion Cusack, K&L Gates
    Michael Boley, Landers & Rogers
    Richard Jennings, AusLSA

Provided by

Angela Smith
Founder / Facilitator at Mind Your Mojo

As a survivor and a thriver of emotionally charged, high stress environments, Angela now supports professionals to positively integrate being fully committed without becoming fully consumed, burned out and ineffectual. Through her own experience as a former Senior Communications Advisor to several Victoria Government ministers as well as to a number of Canadian diplomats where she often managed Crisis Communications, Angela has firsthand experience of how a professional’s personal wellbeing can directly impact competence and a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Through her Mind Your Mojo Program©, Angela guides professionals to foster positive habits to counter the negative impacts of stress by focussing on four specific aspects of resilience: social, emotional, physical and mental resilience.

The foundation of all of Angela’s programs can be found in the practices of Eastern contemplative traditions that she has practiced and studied for more than three decades, as well as the contemporary science that validates the benefits of these practices.

In addition to being a Hatha Yoga teacher as recognised by Yoga Australia, Angela is also a student, studying Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress in the Workplace through the University of California at Berkeley.

With an easy-going manner, Angela shares simple yet profound ancient techniques expressed in a modern way. She shares decades of experience with these practices through retreats and corporate wellness programs – all of which are personally meaningful, practical and most of all, low stress.

Kim Wiegand
Partner at beaton

Kim Wiegand supports the growing number of firms that are seeking to improve the sophistication of their approach to client and market engagement. She works with firms’ leadership and marketing and business development teams to implement projects improving client experience (CX), growing revenue streams, developing networks, and having valuable client conversations. She coaches partners and senior leaders on individual practice and skill development, leading to practice growth. Kim brings close to 20 years’ experience within the professional services industry and 10+ years in senior marketing and business development leadership roles, managing teams and stakeholders across Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom. She brings a practical approach to driving purposeful change within organisations, with energy and enthusiasm.

Kim is a passionate gender equality advocate and aspires to support women to successfully lead authentic and sustainable careers.

Kim is also the Founder of Julip Advisory.

David Goener
Partner at beaton

David is an experienced leader of professional services firms and advises regularly on Law Firms’ strategic growth plans.  With a background in banking, David led the national operations as Chief Operating Officer at both BDO and McCullough Robertson for close to 15 years. Having spent the past 8 years advising micro to large Firms across Australia through beaton Research and Consulting, David is no stranger to the challenges of driving purposeful growth and profitability within professional services firms.

David brings a practical and pragmatic view to law firm’s sustainability and operational challenges; including strategic repositioning, leadership succession and transition and practice and service line profitability. An outstanding and seasoned mentor and coach, he also advises clients on business and partner performance management, pricing and regularly facilitates Firm-wide and group strategic planning conferences.

Robyna May
Power BI & Automation Consultant at Verlata Consulting

Robyna May is a Project Manager and Reporting consultant with Verlata Consulting. She leads firms through the transition from on-premise systems to the cloud as well as providing Power BI reporting solutions. She has a wide breadth of experience in legal tech. Her varied roles have included IT manager, Knowledge director, legal firm practice manager, technical consultant, and software developer. With degrees in both IT and Law, she has a thorough understanding of how law firms work and how technology can support them.  Her passion is making technology and its possibilities crystal clear. She has a unique ability to simplify complicated concepts and break them down into actionable items. She also has a very keen interest in the (re)emergence of AI.

Ray D’Cruz
CEO & Co-founder at Performance Leader

I am the CEO of Performance Leader, a consulting and software business that helps professional services firms perform to harness the creativity and intelligence of their partners and employees. We help firms solve complex problems in areas such performance, collaboration and feedback through a flexible approach and deep sector knowledge. Specifically, our consulting services and software help professional services firms to:

  • Support partners and employees to collaborate on plans and objectives

  • Build a vibrant, relationship-centred feedback culture

  • Make innovation and collaboration a routine activity

  • Design partner compensation models that are strategically and culturally aligned with the firm

Working in leading professional services firms as both a lawyer and HR leader means I understand the nuances of professional services and partnership structures. I take the view that change can happen over time, and that constant evolution is usually more successful and sustainable than revolutions. Performance Leader has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States and we work with leading firms in more than 30 countries.

Dion Cusack
Corporate Services Manager at K&L Gates

A seasoned professional leader, Dion’s pragmatic and critical thinking skills enable him to achieve innovative, fresh, commercial outcomes that are well calculated, timely, appropriate and original.

Dion is the founder of a successful real estate investment, development and management firm, in addition to having held accountability for financial and operational management and performance across a variety of public and private sector organisations.

Dion engages with staff and peers to lead and create high performing teams and organisations by fostering a positive, flexible, and results driven culture.

Complemented by skills in human resources, technology, client, brand, strategic development, governance, business improvement and change management, Dion has also acquired specialist skills in audit, compliance, insurance, risk and business continuity management, corporate and commercial law.

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