Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack?

Build your “human” firewall with OBT’s Cyber Enhancement Service

The Human Factor 2018 makes one thing abundantly clear: Cyber attackers are increasingly focusing their attention on people, not technical defences. As the report states, “Attackers are adept at exploiting our natural curiosity, desire to be helpful, love of a good bargain, and even our time constraints to persuade us to click.”

Your staff are targeted daily with phishing email messages (and sometimes without emails), that are designed to steal your company’s information. Cybercriminals do this by using malicious software or stealing sensitive information off your system.

Regardless of how secure your network is, your staff are the weakest link in your network security. Traditional Security Awareness Training just doesn’t adequately address this anymore.

OBT is a specialist Cyber-Security provider and has been delivering managed cyber-security services to ALPMA for several years. Having had first-hand experience in this cyber-security space and training service, this program has been put together for ALPMA members.

Why train, phish & report on your own users?

As professionally competent many people might be, most like the equitant of being ‘street-smart’, in the context of cyber-security. In today’s world, everybody simply needs to be cyber-smart. So, regular, well design, short and interactive training on demand is the most effective way to achieve this.

If you don't do it yourself, the bad guys will. Today, phishing your own users is just as important as having antivirus and a firewall. IT pros have realised that this is urgently needed as an additional security layer.

The main process behind this is called the Phishing Security Test, and it allows you to find out what percentage of your users is Phish-prone. The number is usually much higher than you think. With the OBT Cyber Enhancement Service, you will have insight into which of your users pose a security risk. Once your team understand that they will get tested on a regular basis, and that there are repercussions for repeated fails, their attitude changes, and with each email they will take a second or two and ‘stop, look, think’ if this might be a scam email. This is the ONLY effective way to train users against social engineering.

We put all this together and provide a regular scorecard report to your business that often reviewed and tabled at a board meeting level. This keeps everybody in check and ensures your organisation is building a culture of cyber-smartness.

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Take the first step now to significantly improve your organisation’s defences against cybercrime.

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