30 November 2023

ALPMA to power ALTA.

The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) enter into new agreement.

The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) have entered into a new agreement whereby ALPMA will now power ALTA. ALTA also includes their subsidiary WALTA : Women of Australian Legal Technology.

ALTA President, Karen Finch says, “it makes sense in today’s environment for businesses to look at ways to increase operational efficiencies and our Board did just that. We sought out an alternate way to power ALTA into the future”.

“ALPMA is a strong, well-established Association within the Australasian legal industry that delivers, like us, operational and business focused learning and development to law firms, in particular for their business management teams. It’s a natural fit, with legal technology, one of ALPMAs core learning and development pillars.”

ALPMA President, Stephen van Dorp says, “the legal industry is rapidly changing and (legal) technology is playing a significant role in driving this change, with that change only set to increase in speed and significance into the future”.

“Technological and digital literacy is fast becoming must have skillset and as a member-based Association our promise to members is to assist them to keep abreast of the changes impacting the industry, and their firms, as it relates to the “business of law”.

“Our members are typically business management teams within law firms who are looking for ways to streamline and improve their business operations. Improved technology usage and technology adoption is often the way forward.”

The Boards of both respective Associations recognise the synergies and opportunities this agreement will provide and look forward to collaborating further on initiatives in 2024. For now, however both Associations will continue as independent brands within the market.

ALPMA CEO, Emma Elliott says “the ALPMA team are delighted to be working with the ALTA Board and look forward to finding additional ways to add value for all members and the wider legal community into 2024.”

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About ALPMA:

The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) is the peak body representing managers and leaders working within law firms, legal departments or government agencies. ALPMA provides an authoritative voice on issues relevant to legal practice management across the industry. Members of ALPMA provide professional management services to legal practices (et al) in areas of financial management, strategic management, technology, human resources, facilities and operational management, marketing and information services and technology.

ALPMA’s learning and development framework includes pillars covering finance, operations, information technology, human resources, knowledge management, business development, marketing, project management to name just a few. Content planned for members in 2024 will include topical challenges facing the industry today including legal technology, cyber security, anti-money laundering, regulatory updates, ESG and sustainability.

In FY2023 ALPMA delivered 124 events, including the flagship three-day ALPMA Summit, ALPMA Awards, the 5th Regional Law Firm Management Forum held in Singapore, a one-day HR Workshop, 39 webinars, 18 local events, 20 practice management breakfasts, various networking events and workshops, and 12 Mental Health First Aid Training Courses.

ALPMA also produces benchmarking reports for members including the various Salary Surveys conducted across Australia, New Zealand and for the Intellectual Property & Trademark sector, Financial Performance Benchmarking surveys (AU and NZ), annual Changing Legal Landscape report, Cyber Security report and our first State of Sustainability Priorities in the Legal Industry report.

ALPMA has just shy of 3,000 members which includes individuals and corporate subscribers (law firms, legal departments and government agencies), across Australia, New Zealand and various other countries.

About ALTA:

Australia has a thriving LegalTech market and community, with more than 105 dedicated software companies building their LegalTech ideas as members of the Australian Legal Technology Association, known as ALTA. ALTA’s core mission is to foster Australian innovation at the intersection of law and technology, and ALTA exists to promote the development of Australian information and communications legal technology resources, including promoting the development of Australian founded start-ups operating in the legal technology industry.

ALTA is the peak association for Australian companies focused on developing legal technology products and provides thought leadership on LegalTech to a variety of different stakeholders within the legal profession, as well as LegalTech demonstrations, conferences (ALTACon), education webinars, networking sessions, member meet-ups, sandbox series, and the LegalTech Awards in 2022.  ALTA has also powered several global research reports on the state of LegalTech around the world (the Global Legal Tech Reports) and commissioned a research paper on ‘Diversity in Legal Tech’ in 2021.

Within this vigorous community, there is a unique opportunity to provide women entrepreneurs with guidance, information, stories and support for building LegalTech software and businesses in a robust fashion.  As such, ALTA has led the world in founding a ‘Women of ALTA’ group known as ‘WALTA’ to bolster female participation in the local LegalTech market. Since WALTA’s official launch in April 2022, WALTA has published a globally recognised digital resource, called the ‘WALTA ePlaybook’ which was written by the current women of LegalTech for the future generation of women in LegalTech.  WALTA’s 2023 initiative has been to create a Directory where by the legal profession can engage in a meaningful and valuable way with WALTA members, and the launch of this new resource is scheduled for 2024.

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Emma Elliott
Emma Elliott
Chief Executive Officer at ALPMA