Mental Health in the Workplace

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We've collated these resources to help you support your team and colleagues.

Webinar Q&A | Managing the Psychology of Sustained Disruption

Dr Sarah Cotton from Transitioning Well has provided a copy of the slides for the Participants who attended the Q&A webinar on Managing Psychology of Sustained Disruption.

As firms consider how they set up a successful transition back to the office, it is important that they not only protect the physical safety of their people but also¬†consider¬†what is required¬†to feel¬†psychologically¬†safe.¬†With a sharp increase in mental health assistance requests (AFR advising it is up 40%) and suicide on the rise, it is imperative that workplaces¬†put in place‚ÄĮproactive‚ÄĮmental health¬†and wellbeing¬†initiatives.¬†There wasn‚Äôt¬†much¬†time to prepare people¬†as they transitioned into COVID-19,¬†but there is an amazing opportunity now for workplaces to support their people through the¬†ongoing transitions of what has been aptly¬†termed ‚Äėsustained disruption‚Äô.

  • Webinar Presentation | Managing the Psychology of Sustained Disruption

Webinar | Managing Anxiety & Uncertainty

Provided from the Managing Anxiety & Uncertainty webinar series presented in August 2020 with from Bridget Jelley Registered Psychologist/Director The Effect

  • Webinar Worksheet | Leading Through Uncertainty

MHFA - Assisting someone distressed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health First Aid Australia has collated several useful guides to assist people distressed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Assisting someone distressed by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety

Legal Industry Mental Health First Aid Training

Through ALPMA, and thanks to the support of legalsuper, everyone can now access Mental Health First Aid Australia’s (MHFA) blended MHFA training course that has been specifically tailored to legal workplaces. This course is a combination of an online (eLearning) component and a 4-5-hour face-to-face training session that teaches managers, supervisors and individuals how to assist a co-worker who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

This initiative is proudly supported by legalsuper

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