2016 ALPMA/JMA Australasian Business Development & Marketing Benchmarking



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2 December 2016

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Referrals & Cross-Selling in Practice

Our research shows that law firms rate referrals and relationships as the most effective form of generating new business—so the 2016 ALPMA/Julian Midwinter & Associates (JMA) Marketing & Business Development Benchmarking research takes a deeper dive into this critical subject for law firm success.

The research investigates:

  • firm referral sources and relationships
  • referral strategies and programs adopted by firms
  • internal cross-selling practices at law firms
  • recognition and reward structures for referrals and cross-selling
  • challenges and barriers for firm referral and cross-selling programs.

“We refer to one other firm only, for a practice area we do not have expertise in. They only practice in that area, so they send all their other work to us (dependent on jurisdiction). It works extremely well as it is a trusted relationship between the two firms, with the benefit of the client as the priority.”

One-hundred and twenty-three respondents from a broad range of law firms across Australia and New Zealand participated in the research. The results will help your firm understand:

  • What is 'best practice' for generating business from referrals and cross-selling
  • How your firm's referrals and cross-selling program compares to similar firms
  • Opportunities to improve your program and generate additional revenue.

The one thing our firm should do to improve referrals is …

“Track all referrals to ensure we understand exactly where they come from, and the value to the firm.”

– 2016 ALPMA/JMA Australasian Business Development & Marketing Benchmarking

Firms and Individuals who participate in these surveys receive a complimentary copy of the research report.

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