2015 ALPMA/JMA Australasian Business Development & Marketing Benchmarking



Report released on

9 November 2015

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2015 Winning Work in a Digital World

The 2015 law firm marketing and business development research focused on understanding how well law firms are responding to the challenge of winning work in a digital world. The research explored which marketing and BD techniques (old and new) help law firms attract new clients and win new work, with a particular focus on identifying the most successful marketing and BD activities for generating new business enquiries.

The results will help your firm understand:

  • How good firms are at converting enquiries into clients
  • The most popular and effective online, digital and social media marketing and BD techniques and approaches
  • How focused firms are on client satisfaction
  • In-firm cultures and attitudes towards marketing and BD
  • How your firm's marketing and BD efforts compare to similar firms.

“Technology offers some really interesting ways to track whether the content you are disseminating is of interest. I think professional legal services could really use it to invest marketing time for better impact.”

More than 160 firms participated in the 2015 research.  Participants who completed the survey received a copy via email.

  • Read the media release: "Australasian Law Firms Missing Opportunities To Win Work in a Digital World"
  • Check out the Results Infographics
  • Watch the On-Demand Results Webinar, presented by Alistair Marshall, JMA's resident business development expert
Client satisfaction focus
Australian Law Firms Online
Marketing & BD report card for Australasian Law Firms
Australian Law Firms use of Social Media

“There is a lack of understanding about the potential ROI of a well-resourced and supported marketing/BD function."

– 2015 ALPMA/JMA Australasian Business Development & Marketing Benchmarking

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