Application for ALPMA Partnerships

Application open for ALPMA Partnerships 2022/2023

If you would like to become an annual ALPMA Partner, please complete this application form or contact Miriam Bryce, Partnership Manager.

Before completing the Application Form below please review the following links:

Application Terms & Conditions

1. The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association Limited (‘the Association’) reserves the right to accept or reject any offer of partnership. In determining partnership offers the following terms and conditions will apply to each partnership application submitted by an Applicant:

1.1 The Association has a policy not to grant exclusivity to any particular partner for any product/service category or industry. We see it as beneficial to the members of the Association to have the opportunity to compare products and services available in the legal industry services market. In some cases, undertakings may be given not to allow direct competitors to co-partner events.

1.2 Decisions of the Association’s Board in regard to allocation of all partnership opportunities will be final and no correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful Applicants.

1.3 The entitlements set out under each of the partnership benefits are detailed in the prospectus to which these terms are annexed and constitute the total commitment by the Association to partners, advertisers and exhibitors. Any additional requirements may incur additional charges. Partnerships are not transferable.

2. All prices are quoted exclusive of GST (unless otherwise stated). The Association is registered for GST purposes.

3. The Partnership Prospectus is valid for the 2022/2023 financial year, that is 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023. The 2022/2023 ALPMA Partner Prospectus is now open for interested Applicants to submit applications. Applicants will be advised on a first in first served basis with applications being accepted or declined within 14 days of submission.

4. Applicants accept ALPMA’s Annual Partnership Terms and Conditions by submitting their application.

By completing the form the Applicant:

  • agrees that the Applicant has read the Documents and that the Applicant is bound by the terms of the Documents from the time that this Application is submitted to ALPMA;
  • acknowledges that ALPMA is not bound by these Documents until such time that the Documents have been fully completed by the Applicant and ALPMA has accepted the application (such acceptance to be communicated in writing to the Applicant); and
  • represents and warrants to ALPMA that the representative who completed this Application to become an ALPMA Partner in FY23 is duly authorised to submit this Application and bind the Applicant.

Application Form

Finance Options

ALPMA has partnered with SmartAR to offer Partners alternate finance options if required. To assist with cashflow, Partners can choose to pay their partnership fees over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, through SmartAR. (Only applies to partnerships of $1,000 or greater per annum).

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the partnership opportunities or need assistance, please contact our partnership team. ALPMA’s Partnership Manager, Miriam Bryce is available to discuss your sales and marketing objectives for the legal sector—and how partnering with ALPMA can help you achieve these.