Accounting Essentials for Lawyers NZ

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14 February 2023

TopicFinancial Management
TypeEvent Recording
CPD2 - Practice Management and Business Skills
1 - New Zealand CPD

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This is a 2-part series which provides an overview of accounting essentials for law firm professionals who do not have a financial skills background.

Part 1

Geoff Franks will take you through an overview of the accounting process to improve your understanding of accounting reports. Geoff will outline the double entry accounting system, showing how transactions recorded flow on to the financial statements, the common groupings within an Income Statement and Balance Sheet explained. We will being each topic with practical easy examples building towards the more complex.

You will learn:

  • What double entry accounting means
  • Income Statements, including common expense classifications
  • The three sections of a Balance Sheet, including the key groupings for assets and liabilities
  • The jargon used by accountants.

Part 2 - coming soon

This session will dig deeper into financial statements, looking at the equity section of the Balance Sheet, and exploring asset valuation issues. The purpose of depreciation will be addressed, and the accounting rules around intangible assets.

Participants will learn about:

  • The presentation of owners’ equity for sole traders, partnerships and companies
  • Asset valuation issues, particularly intangible assets and inventories
  • Depreciation and amortisation.

Who are these webinars for?

  • Lawyers and business advisers needing to read a client’s financial statements.
  • Small business owners and staff seeking a better understanding of business accounts.

Provided by

Geof Franks
Chartered Accountant

From teaching on an Executive MBA course to delivering customised accounting training for corporate managers and small business owners, Geof Franks has spent his career making the dollars and cents make sense.

A Chartered Accountant with a teaching qualification, Geof combines his extensive accounting knowledge and experience with his natural ability to connect with people, unpack complex topics and deliver his teaching in a relaxed, down-to-earth manner.  Geof’s approach is hands-on and practical and has been enjoyed by thousands of course participants who have described his style as informative and inspirational with “top marks” for content and delivery.  He’s a true teacher and top-notch facilitator who breaks down previously complex accounting concepts and makes them relatable to the small business sector.

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