NSW Next Level Session

Sydney, New South Wales

8 May 2024
12:30 pm - 5:30 pm AEST

Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers, Level 18, 111 Elizabeth Street,
Sydney, New South Wales

5 hrs

Zahn Nel
David Turner
Tobi Heskett
Christophe Gizardin
Stephen Butler
Andrew Sporle
Daniel Merza

TopicFinancial Management,
Operational Management,
Technology & Knowledge
CPD3.5 - Practice Management and Business Skills
3.5 - Practice Management and Business Skills

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Presented by

Zahn Nel, Actionstep
David Turner, Lext
Tobi Heskett, Dye and Durham
Christophe Gizardin, Grace Records Management (Australia)
Stephen Butler, Red Rain
Andrew Sporle, LegalSuper
Daniel Merza

Join us for an afternoon of learning designed exclusively for Law Firm Management teams and their colleagues who are ready to raise their skills, knowledge and firm to the next level.

This informative event will feature a series of insightful sessions tailored to address the evolving challenges and opportunities facing law firm management teams.

Delve into best practices and strategies aimed at optimizing firm operations, enhancing client service and maximizing profitability.

Our industry experienced speakers will cover a range of indispensable topics, including:

  •  Take Your Law Firm's Client Services to the Next Level

How can midsize law firms deliver exceptional client experiences? Join Actionstep for a deep dive into key client expectation findings from their 2024 Australian Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report.

During this session, the Actionstep team will share research on the challenges and opportunities Australian midsize law firms face, including how to navigate separating impact of client service requirements from flexible work and team stress.

Insights you'll walk away with:
• Law firm priorities around client satisfaction
• How client demand is impacting stress in law firms
• Tools and procedures to ensure and measure client satisfaction
• Law firm strategies built around the client

  • The AI Advantage: Practical tips to level up your law firm

In an era where technology is reshaping industries, the legal profession is not immune to the transformative power of AI. This session delves into the landscape of AI within the industry and how these technologies can take firms to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Attendees will gain insights into the practical implementations of AI in various legal processes, from Q&A, document review and drafting. We will explore real world case studies, discuss the benefits and challenges of AI adoption, and provide actionable strategies for law firms to integrate AI seamlessly into their practice.

  • Putting Customers First: The Power of Customer-Centric Product Design

In today's competitive landscape, successful businesses prioritize understanding and meeting their customers' needs.

Join Dye & Durham’s Head of Product, Tobi Heskett as she delves into the principles and strategies of customer-centric product design, emphasizing its importance in creating valuable and sustainable products.

  • Data privacy and Information sensitivity in the legal industry – How to address these new challenges?

As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of technology and legislation, the legal industry finds itself at a critical juncture where safeguarding sensitive information is not just a best practice but a legal imperative. In an era marked by increasing digitization and interconnectedness, concerns surrounding data privacy have become more pronounced than ever. With the advent of new privacy regulations and the ever-present threat of cyber breaches, legal professionals are faced with the formidable task of ensuring that client information remains confidential, secure, and in compliance with the evolving legal framework.

This session aims to delve into the intricacies of data privacy within the legal sector, scrutinizing the existing landscape and evaluating the industry's preparedness for impending regulatory changes. Our expert panel will navigate through the nuances of information sensitivity, shedding light on best practices, potential challenges, and the proactive measures that legal practitioners can adopt to fortify their data protection strategies.

  • Transforming Law Firm Operations with Business Intelligence

Gain insights into the key practices that drive the success of implementing these Business Intelligence , as well as pitfalls to avoid.  You will be guided through strategic approaches employed in goal setting, delivery and management.

Stephen Butler will shares his extensive experience of the past four years, spearheading business intelligence solutions for approximately 70 law firms spanning Australasia and the UK.

  • Financial Literacy in times of Inflation

Learn about the current inflationary status across Australia, current research trends and strategies for consideration to protect yourself in an Inflationary environment.

Understand the basics of inflation, current research trends across Australia and potential tips to combat cashflow shortage in times of inflation.

  • Keynote: Leader of Your Life, Daniel Merza

In this engaging and interactive session, attendees will uncover the five key barriers ('5 MONKEYS') inhibiting success and learn strategies to overcome them, fostering resilience and self-leadership while preventing stagnation in growth and performance.

You will cultivate unwavering self-belief and resilience, enabling them to navigate challenges and setbacks with confidence and tenacity.

You will leave empowered with practical tips and the inspiration needed to elevate your lives to the next level, maximising their potential in both your professional and personal spheres.


Whether you're a seasoned practice manager or just starting out in your career, this seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, network with industry peers, and take your role to the next level.

Don't miss out – reserve your spot today and embark on a journey toward greater success and fulfilment in law firm management.

Who should attend:

  • Practice Managers, Office/Admin Managers, General Managers, CEOs
  • Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Departmental
  • Senior Management, Partners, Senior Associates

Presented by

Zahn Nel
Regional Vice President of Sales, Australia and New Zealand at Actionstep

Zahn Nel is a seasoned professional in the legal technology space, currently fulfilling the role as the Regional Vice President of Sales, Australia and New Zealand at Actionstep. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in legal technology, Zahn has become a trusted expert in providing true cloud-based technology solutions and innovation to law firms.

During his decade-long stint in London, Zahn made significant contributions by working with firms on centralised bidding initiatives across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for professional service organisations with a global footprint.

Prior to his role at Actionstep, Zahn held a Director position at FilePro Legal Practice Management Software, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s direction. His wealth of experience has made him a sought-after speaker, and Zahn regularly shares his insights on various legal technology topics at conferences and seminars. With a track record of successfully navigating the fast-paced development of the legal tech landscape, Zahn Nel continues to drive innovation and excellence in the field.

David Turner
Co-Founder at Lext

David is a lawyer and software developer. He has practised law as a solicitor and as a barrister, and is a former Councillor of the Law Society of NSW, and former President of NSW Young Lawyers. He completed his MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) and is now a Co-founder of Lext Australia.

Tobi Heskett
Head of Product, Australia at Dye and Durham

Tobi is a passionate product leader with over 25 years of hands-on experience leading teams as a Chief Product Officer, VP of Product, Head of Product and Senior Product Manager. She has spent her career delivering innovative SaaS B2B and B2C products that put users and customers first (where they belong). Tobi has worked from Startups to publicly traded Global Corporations and has experience in multiple industries including FinTech, Higher Ed, Legal and HR Tech. Her strengths lie in building high-performing product and delivery teams and shaping the internal culture. She is Canadian born and lived in the US before finding her forever home in Australia.

Christophe Gizardin
Software Solutions Manager at Grace Records Management (Australia)

With over two decades of expertise in Software SaaS Solutions, Christophe’s background spans Information Management and Marketing Technology, specifically in Digital Experience, Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Engagement, Information Management, and Business Process Automation.

Throughout his career, he has contributed to esteemed organizations such as Recall, Iron Mountain, Fujifilm Business Innovation, and Sitecore and have assisted many businesses in the Legal, Education, Financial Services and Healthcare industries with their digital transformation strategies.

His professional journey encompasses diverse roles in sales leadership, pre-sales, and customer management, with a strong emphasis on solutions selling. Passionate about knowledge sharing and coaching, he extends his guidance to individuals on product and sales methodologies to advance sales opportunities. His approach involves understanding customer goals and challenges, leveraging technical knowledge to elevate, differentiate, and create value that secures long terms success to its customers.

Christophe is also Certified on ELO Digital Office.

Stephen Butler
Chief Executive Officer at Red Rain

Stephen Butler is the CEO of RedView, a software platform that sits alongside practice management systems and leverages that data for business intelligence, CRM, task management, time recording and the like.

He has been a founding director of 3 software businesses and over 30 years experience working with law firms.

During that time he has been heavily involved in the design and creation of software focussed on the business of law and been involved in software implementations with law firms across 5 continents.

Andrew Sporle
Client Service Manager at LegalSuper

Andrew started at legalsuper in November 2011 and is based in legalsuper’s Sydney office. He has had over 30 years’ work experience in the Superannuation industry.

Andrew loves meeting members and employers and has a natural flair for building client relationships. He has a keen interest in cars, a passion for fine wine and is a qualified sommelier.

Daniel Merza
Speaker, Author & Coach

Daniel Merza CSP is an award-winning international speaker and author, specialising in wellbeing and leadership.

Daniel has developed clever and fun ways to engage, empower and equip thousands of people worldwide – from students, parents, educators to corporate professionals and business entrepreneurs – to get the monkeys off their back and thrive.

He has been featured on radio and media outlets, and his work has also been acknowledged in NSW Parliament.

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