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NSW/ACT Member Connect session recorded 28 May 2020

ALPMA NSW / ACT Committee Member, Joanne Luxa, hosts an online discussion with a panel of experts on the many considerations of transitioning back to the workplace.

Discussion points:

1)  Human & business elements  
Leonie Green of Corvus Group explores flexible and adaptable working as the touted keys to running a successful and sustainable business.  What do we need to do to adapt in this environment? How do we bring our teams with us on this journey and put us in the best position to come through this stronger than before?

Sarah Rey of Justitia Lawyers discusses employment law, common sense considerations and recommendations as a consequence of the plan to return to work.

Justine Alter of Transitioning Well discusses transitioning issues and considerations. In addition to the practical considerations, it’s essential for organisations to consider the mental and emotional impact that this transition brings. Factors such as return from parental leave, those transitioning in to early retirement, those transitioning back from illness and others. An understanding of transition will be explored as well as considering what it means to be transitioning into ‘sustained disruption’ or the ‘next normal’.  

2)  Self-Management
Leonie Green explores self-management and how we manage ourselves through this period as it sets the tone for our teams.  Tips and traps in self-management that can help during times of high stress and uncertainty.

Sarah Rey and Justine Alter,business owners, share what they put in place for their own self-management as well as their partners, managers, team leaders and staff as they prepare to return back to work for their businesses.

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May 2020
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Firm Strategy & Management
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