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Every year, law firms spend weeks (and sometimes months) planning for the year ahead. Exporting data. Building spreadsheets. Having meetings. More spreadsheets. Conducting performance reviews. Assessing Hourly Rates. Discussing expectations. Yet more spreadsheets! Then importing the result into the Practice Management System. Running reports. Analysing performance. And, in some (many?) firms, having done all that work, promptly ignoring the reports because, “the budget is wrong”. Or “it’s not my budget. I didn’t agree to that”. Or, “you don’t understand. Things have changed!”. If that all sounds familiar, then this seminar is for you. With nearly 20 years working into Professional Services firms, Steve will go through ways to make sure that the budget process produces realistic outcomes that are ‘owned’ and that will assist you and the firm to react to the year ahead as it unfolds, in likely unexpected ways.



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1 hour
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Video with slides
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Steve Sampson | Steve Sampson Consulting
Financial Management
General accounting
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AUD $99.00