Effective business development and marketing strategies are essential to successfully growing your law firm. But understanding how your current business development and marketing programs compare to similar firms and where to focus your efforts can be difficult.  That's why ALPMA conducts annual research into marketing and business development at law firms.

2016 Research: "Referrals and Cross-Selling in Practice"

Our research shows that law firms rate referrals and relationships as the most effective form of generating new business - so the 2016 ALPMA/Julian Midwinter & Associates (JMA) Marketing & Business Development Benchmarking research takes a deeper dive into this critical subject for law firm success. The research investigates:

  • firm referral sources and relationships
  • referral strategies and programs adopted by firms
  • internal cross-selling practices at law firms
  • recognition and reward structures for referrals and cross-selling
  • challenges and barriers for firm referral and cross-selling programs. 

The results will help your firm understand:

  • What is 'best practice' for generating business from referrals and cross-selling
  • How your firm's referrals and cross-selling program compares to similar firms
  • Opportunities to improve your program and generate additional revenue. 

123 respondents from a broad range of law firms across Australia and New Zealand participated in the research.   Participants who completed the survey have received the report via email.

Download the 2016 research report for free

Read the media release

2015 Research: "Winning Work in a Digital World"

The 2015 law firm marketing and business development research focused on understanding how well law firms are responding to the challenge of winning work in a digital world. The research explored which marketing and BD techniques (old and new) help law firms attract new clients and win new work, with a particular focus on identifying the most successful marketing and BD activities for generating new business enquiries.  

The results will help your firm understand:

  • How good firms are at converting enquiries into clients
  • The most popular and effective online, digital and social media marketing and BD techniques and approaches 
  • How focused firms are on client satisfaction
  • In-firm cultures and attitudes towards marketing and BD
  • How your firm's marketing and BD efforts compare to similar firms. 

More than 160 firms participated in the 2015 research.  Participants who completed the survey received a copy via email.

  • Read the media release: "Australasian Law Firms Missing Opportunities To Win Work in a Digital World"

  • Check out the Results Infographics

  • Watch the On-Demand Results Webinar, presented by Alistair Marshall, JMA's resident business development expert

Download the 2015 research report for free

2014 Research: "Taking the Pulse: Benchmarking Business Development & Marketing at Australasian Law Firms"

The online research was conducted in September, 2014, and attracted more than 150 participants from law firms across Australasia.  The final report "Taking the Pulse: Benchmarking Business Development & Marketing at Australasian Law Firms" is now available by completing the download form below.  Read the results media release - "ALPMA/JMA Study finds law firms struggling with ineffective marketing & BD".

Downloading the report will help law firms understand:

  • How do your marketing and business development investments and resources compare to similar firms
  • How do your marketing and business development processes compare to similar firms
  • What business development and marketing initiatives have been successful at Australasian law firms
  • Where law firms are investing their marketing and business development improvement efforts
  • What the key business development and marketing challenges are for Australasian firms

Download the 2014 "Taking the Pulse" report for free