Changing Legal Landscape: Annual Summit Research - 2019

2019 Research: Move Forward with Confidence

Your Roadmap to Transformation

The annual ALPMA and GlobalX Summit Research project  involved surveying Australasian law firms to explore how firms are adapting to rapid change in the legal industry and establish a benchmark for firms who are potentially falling behind in future-proofing their firm.

It is undeniable that the legal industry is rapidly transforming to respond to the challenges of digitisation, competitive markets and regulatory scrutiny. But how prepared are Australasian law firms for this transformation? How can the industry move forward with confidence?

These questions have brought together two industry leaders: the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and GlobalX. This partnership has delved deep into this topic to gain important insights through an Australasia-wide research project involving hundreds of firms.

Here's a preview of the key findings: