2021 ALPMA Australian Legal Industry HR Issues & Salary Survey Sample Report

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The 2021 Australian ALPMA HR Issues & Salary Survey was conducted through early 2021, for release in April 2021.  295 law firms (representing 10,153 staff) participated in our Australian survey, making it the most comprehensive, independent HR and remuneration study across all roles (including actual salaries paid) within the Australian legal industry, in particular for firms with less than 75 staff.

This summary report provides an overview of the contents within the larger 100+ page report. Within this report you will find information on the 2021 Report:

  • Key Findings
  • Methodology
  • Firm participation profiles: location, size etc
  • Employment profile of participating firms including: position groups, typical fee earner/staff composition
  • Market insights from our 2021 Research Partners
  • A detailed list of the positions on which salary data was collected
  • A detailed list of the number of staff per position

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