The ABC of Practice Management Systems: Full Series

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The ABC of Practice Management Systems

In this five-part series of articles Anthony Ridley‚ÄźSmith sets out to help any Practice Manager, in any environment and with any technology, enhance their existing systems or ditch the whole thing and start again!

There is no perfect Practice Management System. All products have their strengths and weaknesses. No two firms are the same. So, what will suit one firm will be inappropriate for another. This means he can’t be too prescriptive about particular features or technology and will this be completely vendor neutral.

I ‚Ä©love‚Ä© technology ‚Ä©that ‚Ä©makes‚Ä© a difference.‚Ä© When good ‚Ä©technology‚Ä© is ‚Ä©implemented‚Ä© well‚Ä© the ‚Ä©results can ‚Ä©be‚Ä© startling.‚Ä© All ‚Ä©of ‚Ä©us‚Ä© want ‚Ä©to‚Ä© be ‚Ä©involved ‚Ä©with ‚Ä©the‚Ä© winning‚Ä© projects.‚Ä© But ‚Ä©I ‚Ä©also‚Ä© know ‚Ä©that some‚Ä© of you‚Ä© will ‚Ä©be ‚Ä©anxious ‚Ä©because:

You‚Ä© hear‚Ä© the ‚Ä©all ‚Ä©too ‚Ä©frequent ‚Ä©horror ‚Ä©stories ‚Ä©of ‚Ä©projects ‚Ä©gone ‚Ä©wrong.
You‚Ä© see ‚Ä©vendors‚Ä© come‚Ä© and‚Ä© go.
You‚Ä© know‚Ä© that ‚Ä©the ‚Ä©financial ‚Ä©commitment ‚Ä©is ‚Ä©often ‚Ä©very ‚Ä©high.
You‚Ä© know ‚Ä©that ‚Ä©you ‚Ä©are ‚Ä©making‚Ä© a ‚Ä©significant long ‚Ä©term ‚Ä©decision.

I‚Ä© hope‚Ä© that‚Ä© this‚Ä© series ‚Ä©of‚Ä© articles ‚Ä©gives‚Ä© you ‚Ä©the‚Ä© skills‚Ä© that to‚Ä© manage ‚Ä©and ‚Ä©enhance your‚Ä© existing‚Ä© systems, ‚Ä©or‚Ä© ditch ‚Ä©the‚Ä© whole ‚Ä©thing‚Ä© and‚Ä© start‚Ä© again.

‚Äď Anthony Ridley‚ÄźSmith, The ABC of Practice Management Systems

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