receiving emails from alpma.

ALPMA relies on email to keep you up to date on upcoming events, new On-Demand content, research opportunities and other news, information & thought leadership in the Business of Law.

To make sure our emails end up in your inbox (and not the Junk folder – or worse!), we recommend you whitelist emails from ALPMA.

Here’s how…

IT providers

  1. Whitelist emails sent from and
  2. These sending domains are authenticated via SPF and DKIM, but if you need the domains of our email marketing system, they are: through (, etc.), as well as
  3. All links on our emails use the domain
  4. If possible, please also whitelist our emails in any antivirus programs you’re using, to minimize automated “safety check” clicks through our emails.
  5. Please notify your colleague or client, as well as, when this is done so they can re-subscribe to our emails if necessary.

Find more technical information here »

To speak with someone at ALPMA about this, email in the first instance.

Add ALPMA to your contacts

The easiest way to tell your email program that we’re “safe” is to add us to your contacts, address book or “safe senders” list.

We send from a few different email addresses, so here are the contacts you’ll need to add:

  • Emma Elliott,
  • Jo Hood,
  • Sarah Jane Laing,
  • Miriam Bryce,

Find instructions for your email client »

Ask your IT providers or department to help

If you don’t know how to add ALPMA to your contact list, whitelist us yourself or you still aren’t getting our emails despite your best efforts – ask your IT providers or department to help. Just send them a link to this page and they can follow the instructions above.

If you’re in a corporate environment and you don’t get ALPMA’s emails at all (not even in your Junk folder), go straight to your IT department for assistance.

Take action to start receiving our emails again

If you stopped receiving our emails entirely, you were probably automatically unsubscribed from our email list. This happens so we don’t keep sending to invalid email addresses. In your case, your address is valid but your spam filter was causing our emails to bounce!

(You can safely complete this form even if you aren’t 100% sure if you’ve become unsubscribed. It’s a great opportunity to select your communications preferences so we only send you emails you’re interested in!)