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Strategic Legal Solutions (SLS) was incorporated in July 2018 and is an incorporated legal practice providing white label outsourcing solutions to law firms and legal departments.

SLS offers law firms an end to end white label solution in areas of work like conveyancing, wills and estates, family law and corporate and commercial.

SLS works with firms who may not be practicing in an area of law e.g property law to provide the firm an opportunity to have a white label service which provides an additional revenue stream or for firms who in the current Covid 19 environment do not want to increase in-house resourcing and wants access to flexible legal resources. SLS is also attractive for firms in regional centers where resourcing is difficult.

The value proposition of SLS is an LPLC covered risk managed offering from an incorporated practice that enables firms to rely on skilled legal resources to expand their service offering and complement their in-house teams. Work undertaken by the SLS team can be done remotely or at client site.

SLS currently works with a small group of clients and currently still very much in the startup phase and is now at a stage where is looking to scale growth in Victoria and nationally.

SLS is looking at bringing on two legal practice directors who are entrepreneurial and want to grow the practice. The roles are not typical legal practice director roles. The Legal Practice Director is expected to be the face of the practice and drive the brand image.

SLS is looking for expertise in one or more areas of property law, wills and estates, family law, corporate and commercial law. As SLS is looking to recruit two legal practice directors it is envisaged that the areas of expertise will be covered across the two directors.

The roles are not salaried roles initially and are based on revenue share models as outlined below. The roles are statutory director roles with ASIC.

On offer is also equity after the first 6 months of being a practice director. Revenue share remuneration model is:

  1. 10% share of the Firm’s revenue where the engagement has resulted for the Firm from a client referral from you for a client in Victoria or other states
  2. 10% finders’ fee for any revenue generated by parent company SBA in Victoria or other states which results from a business development by you in SLS
  3. All referral fees will be payable on payment received and banked on invoices rendered to clients of the Firm or SBA
  4. 65% of share of the Firm’s revenue where the billing is generated by your working in the matter and the Firm charges your time to the end client. Such payments will be processed through payroll and superannuation will be payable on such payments and applicable taxes withheld
  5. $1,000 per month retainer
  6. Reimbursement for 10 CLE units at $200 per unit for year CLE year.
  7. Payment of fees to LSB to act as a legal practice director – practicing certificate fee
  8. Review of remuneration arrangements at end of six months from commencement
  9. Equity stake in SLS at end of six months based on mutual discussion and agreement of both parties.

In summary, on offer is the ability to be part of a growth story and become equity partners in the practice in a very short time period.

Preference will be given to those who are able to join immediately.

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Application Closing Date:  30/06/2020