ALPMA McLeod Duminy Snapshot Report

Update to the 2020 New Zealand Legal Industry Salary and HR Issues Survey

The original 2020 HR Salary Survey closed on 14 February 2020 and the Report was published 2 April 2020 just after New Zealand went into lockdown. Upon release of this report it appeared that the results, almost certainly, were already outdated. That said, we realised the report would actually provide an opportunity to benchmark the effects of the lockdown and subsequent pace of recovery at a future point in time. The findings in this new Snapshot Report reflects the current snapshot (as at July 2020) some six months or so later.

The ALPMA McLeod Duminy Snaphot Survey was open between 10 and 31 July and the information provided is a summary of the 74 participants’ responses. Participants’ information was collected anonymously, that is, no identifiable data was collected. This report is provided as a guide only.

This report looks at the data and trends between the two surveys conducted in 2020.


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