2022 ALPMA/Dye & Durham Australasian Changing Legal Landscape



Report released on

31 August 2022

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Reaching New Heights:
An understanding of current Legal Industry Trends

It is undeniable that the legal industry is rapidly transforming to respond to the challenges of digitisation, competitive markets, time scarcity and human resources. But, how prepared are Australasian law firms for these challenges, and how can the industry move forward with confidence?

These questions have brought together two industry leaders: Dye & Durham and the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA). This partnership has delved deep into this topic to gain important insights through an Australasian-wide research project involving 160 law firms.

ALPMA and principal partner Dye & Durham are excited to share the findings of the recent research conducted on the Australian & New Zealand legal landscape. This research explored key themes and trends influencing the legal community and how firms are adapting to rapid changes in the legal landscape and to establish a benchmark for firms who are falling behind.

Read the report and find out about the latest trends and sentiments of the profession to help you shape your future firm.

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