2017 ALPMA/InfoTrack Australasian Changing Legal Landscape



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30 September 2017

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21st Century Thinking at Australasian Law Firms

In 2017, ALPMA and Infotrack collaborated on research to understand:

  • How Australasian law firms support the key 21st century learning skills of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-thinking and Communication
  • What actions firms have taken to improve their skills in these areas over last 12 months
  • How effective these efforts have been in achieving desired outcomes.

The research is part of ALPMA’s on-going research program that aims to help law firms successfully adapt to the changing legal landscape. The short, multiple-choice online survey was open for participation by Australasian law firms until Friday 28 July 2017. More than 100 firms participated in this research project.

Most firms focused their efforts on improving communication and collaboration over last 12 months – with varying results.

Firms and Individuals who participate in these surveys receive a complimentary copy of the research report.

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If you have any questions about the research or need assistance, please contact our research team.

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