2016 ALPMA/InfoTrack Australasian Changing Legal Landscape



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30 September 2016

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A Blueprint for Change: How Law Firms are Adapting to the Changing Legal Landscape

In 2016, ALPMA and InfoTrack collaborated on ground-breaking research to investigate:

  • How Australasian law firms are supporting innovation and change at their firms
  • The people, process and technology initiatives law firms are implementing in order to adapt to the changing environment.

The research results provide your firm with compelling insight into how firm's are driving innovation and responding to the changing legal landscape and the people, process and technology initiatives that Australasian firms are investing in to ensure they remain competitive.

One-hundred and sixty-three law firms from across the region participated in this research, conducted in July 2016, and the results make fascinating reading. A key finding was a real disconnect between how innovative firms think they are and what they are actually doing in terms of investment in strategic initiatives.

The majority of Australasian law firms rate themselves as innovative but there is little evidence to support this claim, according to the results report released at the 2016 ALPMA Summit in Melbourne.

At an industry level, most law firm leaders and managers were critical of the legal profession’s response to external drivers, saying the industry was adapting to the changing legal landscape ‘only when required to’ and certainly not quickly enough.

– 2016 ALPMA/InfoTrack Australasian Changing Legal Landscape

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