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Event Recording

22 May 2019

Budgeting: It’s more than just playing with numbers!

Every year, law firms spend weeks (and sometimes months) planning for the year ahead. Exporting data. Building spreadsheets. Having meetings. More spreadsheets. Conducting performance reviews. Assessing Hourly Rates. Discussing expectations....
Financial Management
Event Recording

22 May 2019

New Law + Established Law

The requirement to manage legal risk no longer necessarily entails the need for a law firm. It also no longer automatically results in a lawyer being consulted. Clients now have...
Strategy & Innovation
Event Recording

4 April 2019

Ethics & Cybersecurity

CyberRisk is a big issue for all businesses. But lawyers have ethical and professional responsibilities that must also be considered. Are you doing enough? Do you know your obligations?  ...
Ethics and Professional Responsibility, New Zealand CPD
Operational Management
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