ALPMA Legal Solutions Series | AI, Automation & Workflow

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1 July 2024

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Legal Solutions Series | AI, Automation & Workflow

Is your law firm ready to lead with efficiency and innovation?

In a rapidly evolving era of technological advancement, the legal profession is witnessing the profound impact of AI, Automation, and Workflow solutions.

Amidst heightened competition, law firms seek an edge through enhanced processes and strategic technology adoption.

Join our Boosting Legal Productivity: Practical Tips for Process Improvement seminar to explore innovative solutions and gain a competitive advantage in today's legal landscape.

Don't miss out on maximizing the potential of AI, Automation, and Workflow tools for your firm's success.


Boosting Legal Productivity: Practical Tips for Process Improvement [Chair: Katherine Thomas; Speaker: Fiona McLay]

In an era where technology is reshaping industries, the legal profession is not immune to the transformative power of AI, Automation and Workflow.  But the adoption of AI and the acquisition of Automation and Workflow software is not the start of your journey.  For successful implementation and to maximise investment in these technologies, law firms need to have a clear understanding of where, how and  what they need to improve in their firms to make a real difference.  In other words, software acquisition happens as part of the firms process improvement journey and should not be the catalyst for it.

Join us as we explore process improvement in law firms and how it relates to the acquisition of AI, Automation and Workflow software.

We will explore the following:

  • What does process improvement involve?
  • Key considerations for process mapping.
  • The right time to consider AI, Automation and Workflow software.
  • Key considerations when implementing new processes.


Choose Productivity on Your Terms with Legal AI [Chantal McNaught & Wenee Yap]

You’ve heard the hype. The legal AI arms race is on. So how do you take the lead? And do you need to follow some visionary CEO doing his best impression of legaltech’s Steve Jobs to get involved?

Join Chantal McNaught (PhD Candidate) and Wenee Yap (Innovator of the Year, Finalist) for a candid conversation about what legal AI means for you - how it works, and how it’s already helping law firms across Australia and New Zealand ditch the billable hour grind.

Ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day? You’ve heard terms like ‘agile’ and ‘do more with less’, usually code for working nights and weekends. What if true productivity isn’t about working more hours but getting more done in less time? LEAP’s legal AI is designed to deliver up to 8x more efficiency, so while other firms burn the midnight oil, law firms who use legal AI are working smarter, not harder. They’re choosing productivity on their terms.


Opportunity over disruption: the potential of AI [John Ahern & Brendan Smart]

There is no denying AI is reshaping the legal landscape; but should it be viewed as a threat or an enabler?

Delve into the myth of AI disruption, uncovering its potential to improve legal practices and new opportunities for those who seize it.

InfoTrack’s Country Manager, Brendan Smart and Global Head of Property, John Ahern, will explore the true capabilities of AI, from consolidating vast amounts of disparate information to predicting future trends with accuracy.

Together they will address key concerns around data privacy and security - and how, with the right application and implementation, AI can deliver real tangible results.

Key takeaways:

  1. AI: Threat or Enabler? Explore AI's impact on the legal landscape and discover how it can be an enabler for improved legal practices and new opportunities.
  2. Delve into AI's power to consolidate vast information and predict future trends accurately, showcasing its potential to improve legal operations.
  3. Gain insights into key concerns surrounding data privacy and security in AI implementation and learn how strategic application can yield tangible, real-world results.


Exclusive Look into NetDocuments Customisable Legal AI-Powered Apps Built for You [Hayley Leung]

NetDocuments session will introduce ndMAX – a groundbreaking series of AI-powered products that enable law firms and legal teams to maximise the power of AI by combining their expertise and intelligence contained in their documents with the security and guardrails of NetDocuments.

Hayley Leung, solutions expert at NetDocuments, will show you the out-of-the-box AI apps in action, as well as how easy it is to change them to meet your needs.


Target audience:
Practice & Office Managers, IT Managers, CISO, Knowledge & Risk Management, Business Service Managers

Provided by

Katherine Thomas
Head of Growth and Strategy at CIE Legal

Creative, collaborative and connected, Katherine’s skills are ideally suited to her role as our Head of Growth and Strategy. Her focus is on helping the firm grow, from sales and business development, to process improvement and generating efficiencies through new technology. Working with the partners, she sets the firm’s business strategy and working with our Managing Partner, she leads its implementation.

Katherine is a recognised expert in the business of law. With over 25 years under her belt, she has worked at international firms in the UK, run her own consultancy in Australia, worked on innovation projects across the globe, undertaken speaking, lecturing and facilitation engagements and contributed to a number of publications on business growth, NewLaw and law firm profitability. She has been named by AsiaLawPortal as ‘One of 30 Women Legal Innovators to Follow’.

Fiona McLay
Principal Lawyer & Legal Tech Consultant at McLay Legal Consulting

Fiona has spent 25 years as a dispute resolution lawyer working across the legal industry in top tier, mid tier, small firm, a NewLaw firm and in-house. Now working as a legal tech consultant, she has an insider’s view as to how firms across the industry are actually using (or not using) tech.

Long hours, inefficient processes and constant pressure to do more with less drove her to find ways to use tech to work more efficiently. With no budget, no IT support and (possibly because of) no innovation committee, she discovered how powerful a tech-enabled lawyer could be in litigation up against a much better resourced opponent. And with a significantly reduced risk of paper cuts.

She regularly presents to lawyers on common sense ways to adopt new ways of working. She has written a book that is a practical guide on becoming a tech enabled lawyer in any law firm. It offers practical framework on how to get the most out of the tech you have and how to spot the tech you need.

Chantal McNaught
Legal Practice Advisor NZ at LEAP Legal Software APAC

Chantal McNaught is a seasoned Legal Practice Advisor at LEAP Legal Software and PhD Candidate in Law, researching the irreconcilable conflicts between law as a profession and law as a business.

With over a decade of experience in the legal profession, Chantal has worn multiple hats—as a lawyer, consultant, and writer. Her passion lies in empowering lawyers to harness technology effectively, streamlining workflows, enhancing client service, and driving profitability.

Beyond her professional role, Chantal provides valuable coaching and mentoring on legal tech adoption, career development, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Wenee Yap
Senior Marketing Manager at LEAP Property

Wenee Yap is a multi-faceted powerhouse with a passion for innovation and the law. She’s built thriving startups like Survive Law, Australia’s largest online legal community of law students, and Catmosphere, Sydney’s first cat cafe launched with a viral campaign. Wenee’s expertise extends to social media strategy, having co-authored “Social Media Marketing and Law: Fans Followers and Online Infamy,” the first book of its kind in Australia, published by Thomson Reuters.

Beyond startups, Wenee brings impressive corporate experience from LEAP, where she led marketing initiatives for new products and even spearheaded legal AI demonstrations. Wenee’s adventurous spirit extends to the high seas. In fact, she may hold the distinction of being the first Asian Australian woman to win line honours at the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, edging out the world’s fastest supermaxi, Comanche, by a mere 51 seconds onboard LawConnect.

A passionate advocate for the transformative potential of legal tech and AI, Wenee’s diverse skillset and entrepreneurial drive make her a force to be reckoned with.

John Ahern
CEO & Global Head of Property at InfoTrack

John joined InfoTrack in 2015 as the Chief Technology Officer taking charge for establishing the company’s technical vision and leading on all aspects of InfoTrack’s technology development. John was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in May of 2015 where he is now responsible for maintaining the extensive growth of InfoTrack in the Australian market. John has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Sector, having worked in a number of engineering, sales and executive positions. With a strong technical background, he has vast experience in designing and developing products and has delivered platforms from inception to production.

Brendan Smart
Country Manager at InfoTrack

As InfoTrack’s Country Manager, Brendan is focused on overseeing all company operations across Australia.

He is driven by creating an inspirational work environment for InfoTrack’s people, achieving success for the company’s clients, and ensuring consistent and long-term growth across all facets of the business.

Brendan is a strong believer in clearly communicating the game plan across the business.

He actively monitors performance and supports InfoTrack’s teams with a focus on achieving business goals and plays a pivotal role in expediting revenue growth for InfoTrack.

Hayley Leung
Solutions Expert at NetDocuments

Hayley is a Solutions Expert at NetDocuments with a profound passion for legal technology, AI, and document management. With over a decade of experience in the legal tech sector, she has cultivated expertise in collaborating with firms across diverse regions such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, and Asia.

Her dedication lies in empowering individuals, teams, and organisations within the legal sphere, ensuring they have the best tools and strategies for document creation, automation, and management.

With multiple years of experience in the legal tech sector, Hayley brings a wealth of knowledge and a relentless drive to innovate and improve processes in the legal industry.

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