Peter McGrath

Peter McGrath

Practice Manager | Saines Lucas Solicitors

Peter serves as the Practice Manager with Saines Lucas Solicitors, overseeing four offices situated in Regional Victoria’s Central Highlands and Wimmera regions. His extensive management experience spans over 40 years, encompassing diverse industries such as Road Transport (National & International), Personal and Business Coaching (Europe), and Employment Services.

As a certified Personal and Business Coach, Peter has successfully completed The Australian Applied Management Colloquium. He stives to establish and nurturing strong, mutually advantageous relationships with staff, clients, suppliers, business groups, and individuals within all operational areas of Saines Lucas.

His guiding principle is ‘People are more important than places or things’.

“As a legal practice manager my membership in ALPMA is a vital resource, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, discuss concerns, learn and validate thoughts before implementation.”

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