Kelly Phelps

Kelly Phelps

Chief Executive Officer & Director | Travis Schultz & Partners

As Chief Executive Officer, Kelly is the problem solving, solutions focused, strategic thinker and compassionate ‘go to’ all team members have relied on since the firm’s beginnings in 2018.

There isn’t a corner of the business that Kelly isn’t involved in, steering the ship in all operational matters including financial, human resourcing, leasing, workplace culture, strategic direction, and supporting the TSP team in delivering exceptional results for clients.

Kelly holds a unique point of view at the firm, as despite having worked in the legal industry for more than 15 years, Kelly is one of the few ‘non-lawyers’ amongst the team. She often describes herself as an objective observer, looking from the outside in, and this unique lens makes Kelly particularly insightful in how to bring the best out of her people, whether it’s a young lawyer new to the industry, or an experienced partner needing advice.

Kelly measures success by contribution and believes the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed. She is passionate about high performing teams and what makes them tick. She is the steady hand that orchestrates TSP’s vision and ensures a positive breeding ground for innovation, courage, compassion and intelligence.

In her down time, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, especially taking her two young children on adventures, and can often be found leading them on mountain hikes, beach walks or city excursions.

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