Emily Mortimer

I joined Piper Alderman with 11 years of human resources experience but recognised that with no legal industry experience and responsibility for two out of four offices' HR functions that I needed a broader network to help navigate a partnership environment. I wanted an association that offered the opportunity to share professional knowledge and create a community of professionals around me to be able to share industry experiences, challenges and potentially even collaboration opportunities. I was absolutely blessed to have been referred to ALPMA through a Melbourne contact and have not looked back since!
I have now been a member of ALPMA for ten years. The network that I have been able to create gives me a hotline of more than 40+ close ‘extended colleagues’ that I can call to seek their counsel and industry expertise. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to build this network.
Tailored completely to the legal profession, the knowledge shared is a knowledge of common language, with broader job type associations you are always having to wonder about relevance. With ALPMA it is relevant all the time.
ALPMA are always evolving: there is the face to face contact, webinar delivery and on demand services. They really cater for all needs!