Canva Jumpstart with alpma.

1-on-1 sessions to get your Canva journey back on the road.

The Canva Jumpstart sessions are fast paced 1-on-1, 30-45 minute sessions with Lesley Hays from ALPMA.

They’re designed to give you quick answers and clear roadblocks wherever you or your firm are at in using Canva, whether you’re just setting up your account, have a sticky design problem, or are configuring something complex like brand kits or team permissions.

Your investment: These are paid sessions and available to ALPMA Members for $189 inc GST (AUD).

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After payment, you’ll arrive in our On-Demand Learning Centre

In the “Canva Jumpstart” section, there are links to:

  • Book your session into Lesley’s calendar (no back & forth!)
  • Fill out a short form to provide some background information
  • Lesley will reach out prior to the session to make sure everyone is prepared to make the most of our time.
  • On the day, we’ll focus on answering your questions and working in your own Canva account (either screensharing or by granting ALPMA access).
  • You walk away with some solved problems, answered questions and clarity on your next steps in Canva!

(While you wait for your session, watch the Best Practice Design for Canva on-demand webinar. It’s free for members, but we’ve also included it in the Canva Jumpstart area for easy access.)

Purchase the Canva Jumpstart session