Job Board - Advertising Rates

If you are interested in placing a job on the ALPMA Job Board, please read the advertising criteria carefully.

  • The position advertised must be for a role within a law firm, legal department, government agency or another legal related entity.
  • The position will be posted on the Job Board of the ALPMA website for a maximum period of 60 days. If the position is filled within this time, we request that you email us to have the position removed from the list
  • Vacant positions only will be posted to this section
  • Job Board will be promoted to ALPMA members and visitors via the website only
  • ALPMA retains the right to approve all advertisements.

Members and Non-Members


Member RateOne off job advertisement - No Charge
Non-Member RateOne off job advertisement - $99 (inclusive of GST)
Twelve month service agreement$2,200 (inclusive of GST)
Six month service agreement$1,320 (inclusive of GST)








1) Complete the submission forms
2) ALPMA will review, confirm if approved and issue an invoice for payment (where applicable)
3) Approved advertisements will be posted into the ALPMA Job Board
4) Terms of payment: 7 days from approval (ALPMA reserves the right to remove advertisements for non-payment)

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