WA Next Level Session

Perth, Western Australia

15 May 2024
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm AWST

The College of Law, 263 Adelaide Terrace,
Perth, Western Australia

4 hrs

Kevin Day
Christophe Gizardin
Kim Padmore
Tobi Heskett
James Bryant

TopicFinancial Management,
Operational Management,
People & Culture,
Technology & Knowledge
CPD3 - Practice Management and Business Skills

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Presented by

Kevin Day, Actionstep
Christophe Gizardin, Grace Records Management (Australia)
Kim Padmore, people2people
Tobi Heskett, Dye and Durham
James Bryant, Lead Different

Join us for an afternoon of learning designed exclusively for Law Firm Management teams and their colleagues who are ready to raise their skills, knowledge and firm to the next level.

This informative event will feature a series of insightful sessions tailored to address the evolving challenges and opportunities facing law firm management teams.

Delve into best practices and strategies aimed at optimizing firm operations, enhancing client service and maximizing profitability.

Our industry experienced speakers will cover a range of indispensable topics, including:

  • Take Your Law Firm's Client Services to the Next Level

How can midsize law firms deliver exceptional client experiences? Join Actionstep for a deep dive into key client expectation findings from their 2024 Australian Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report. During this session, the Actionstep team will share research on the challenges and opportunities Australian midsize law firms face, including how to navigate separating impact of client service requirements from flexible work and team stress.Insights you'll walk away with:•  Law firm priorities around client satisfaction
•  How client demand is impacting stress in law firms
•  Tools and procedures to ensure and measure client satisfaction
•  Law firm strategies built around the client

  • Data privacy and Information sensitivity in the legal industry – How to address these new challenges?

As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of technology and legislation, the legal industry finds itself at a critical juncture where safeguarding sensitive information is not just a best practice but a legal imperative. In an era marked by increasing digitization and interconnectedness, concerns surrounding data privacy have become more pronounced than ever. With the advent of new privacy regulations and the ever-present threat of cyber breaches, legal professionals are faced with the formidable task of ensuring that client information remains confidential, secure, and in compliance with the evolving legal framework.This sessions aims to delve into the intricacies of data privacy within the legal sector, scrutinizing the existing landscape and evaluating the industry's preparedness for impending regulatory changes. Our expert panel will navigate through the nuances of information sensitivity, shedding light on best practices, potential challenges, and the proactive measures that legal practitioners can adopt to fortify their data protection strategies.

  • 2024 Labour Market Update - How to attract and retain the four-generation workforce

Following the buoyant market of 2022, uncertainty and skill shortages shadowed 2023. Although power in the recruitment process is shifting away from job seekers, employers must reassess their value proposition in 2024 to attract and retain top talent, and remain competitive in a dynamic labour market.In this presentation, people2people's WA Managing Director Kim Padmore will explore upcoming trends in recruitment, the evolving expectations of job seekers, and prevalent labour market patterns to assist our audience in refining their talent attraction and retention strategy in 2024.

  • Putting Customers First: The Power of Customer-Centric Product Design

In today's competitive landscape, successful businesses prioritize understanding and meeting their customers' needs. This presentation will delve into the principles and strategies of customer-centric product design, emphasizing its importance in creating valuable and sustainable products.

  • Closing Keynote: The Fear Factor

This session is way more fun than it should be (I mean, we're talking about Fear!).  We unpack what the four fears are and how we can lead from a place where we understand these survival fears and how they are holding us and our team back.As adults. most of us don't fear people or things specifically - we've learned that there are not monsters under the bed! However, some drivers within us are fuelled by underlying fears. These fears impact how we nake decisions and how we interact with others.The four fears that we unpack drive us to want to:
•  Look Good
•  Feel Good
•  Be Right
•  Be in Control

This session explores how we lead ourselves and others beyond these survival fears to create a culture where people are thriving.

Whether you're a seasoned practice manager or just starting out in your career, this seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, network with industry peers, and take your role to the next level.

Don't miss out – reserve your spot today and embark on a journey toward greater success and fulfilment in law firm management.

Who should attend:

  • Practice Managers, Office/Admin Managers, General Managers, CEOs
  • Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Departmental
  • Senior Management, Partners, Senior Associates

Presented by

Kevin Day
General Manager of FilePro and LawMaster at Actionstep

Kevin Day, a seasoned leader with a track record of success across entrepreneurial ventures, marketing, sales, and leadership roles in both Australia and his native Canada, serves as the General Manager of FilePro and LawMaster.

Alongside a dedicated team of account managers, Kevin is committed to fostering the ongoing success of FilePro and LawMaster’s esteemed customer base. His expertise lies in guiding clients through seamless transitions and introducing innovative solutions like Actionstep to enhance their operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

With a passion for empowering businesses to achieve better outcomes, Kevin leverages his diverse background to provide comprehensive support tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Christophe Gizardin
Software Solutions Manager at Grace Records Management (Australia)

With over two decades of expertise in Software SaaS Solutions, Christophe’s background spans Information Management and Marketing Technology, specifically in Digital Experience, Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Engagement, Information Management, and Business Process Automation.

Throughout his career, he has contributed to esteemed organizations such as Recall, Iron Mountain, Fujifilm Business Innovation, and Sitecore and have assisted many businesses in the Legal, Education, Financial Services and Healthcare industries with their digital transformation strategies.

His professional journey encompasses diverse roles in sales leadership, pre-sales, and customer management, with a strong emphasis on solutions selling. Passionate about knowledge sharing and coaching, he extends his guidance to individuals on product and sales methodologies to advance sales opportunities. His approach involves understanding customer goals and challenges, leveraging technical knowledge to elevate, differentiate, and create value that secures long terms success to its customers.

Christophe is also Certified on ELO Digital Office.

Kim Padmore
Managing Director, WA at people2people

Kim began her career in recruitment in 2010 and has since gained a breadth of experience in Perth, Sydney and London. She has recruited for a wide range of law firms from sole practitioners through to some of the largest and most prestigious legal and professional services firms in the world.

Having left people2people in 2015 to experience life in the UK, Kim returned to Australia and set up people2people in Perth, developing a successful Legal specialisation.

Tobi Heskett
Head of Product, Australia at Dye and Durham

Tobi is a passionate product leader with over 25 years of hands-on experience leading teams as a Chief Product Officer, VP of Product, Head of Product and Senior Product Manager. She has spent her career delivering innovative SaaS B2B and B2C products that put users and customers first (where they belong). Tobi has worked from Startups to publicly traded Global Corporations and has experience in multiple industries including FinTech, Higher Ed, Legal and HR Tech. Her strengths lie in building high-performing product and delivery teams and shaping the internal culture. She is Canadian born and lived in the US before finding her forever home in Australia.

James Bryant
Director at Lead Different

James is the founder and director of Lead Different. He works with a range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, professional artists, and creatives to people who are starting a “side gig”. James was born and raised “all over Australia” before moving to California. After working intensively for three years, training and developing with world-class leadership and culture experts, James returned to Australia to start Lead Different.

The teams and organisations have won awards for their culture, set new revenue and profit records, promoted individuals, and transformed workplaces. James injects a high level of fun and personality into everything he does – he refuses to use PowerPoint and believes that trust falls are the worst team-building exercise ever!

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