Best practice design using Canva


23 April 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEST


1 hr

Lesley Hays

TopicBusiness Development & Marketing,
Technology & Knowledge
CPD1 - Practice Management and Business Skills
1 - New Zealand CPD

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Presented by

Lesley Hays, ALPMA

We're excited to invite you to a tailored seminar designed for law firms to refine your brochure designs.

Explore essential design elements, streamline your Canva workflow and unlock time-saving hotkeys that will enhance your design process.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting in the field, this session is crafted to elevate your skills and ensure your law firm's brochures leave a lasting impression.

During the session we will cover:

  • Introduction to Effective Design Elements
    Alignment: Master the art of proper alignment for a visually appealing layout.
    Contrast: Learn how to use contrast to make your brochure elements stand out.
    White Space: Understand the importance of white space for a clean and professional look.
    Repetition: Explore the power of repetition for consistency in design.
  • Canva Workflow Tips
    Text Spacing: Enhance readability with effective text spacing techniques.
    Edit Photo: Discover photo editing tips within Canva for impactful visuals.
    Align and Position: Get hands-on tips for balancing and positioning design elements.
  • Canva Hotkeys
    Streamline your workflow with essential Canva hotkeys for quicker navigation.
  • Interactive Q&A Session
    Engage with ALPMA's very own Customer Experience Specialist for personalized insights and answers.


Who should attend:

  • Professional and Administrative Support staff who create marketing materials within the firm
  • Practice Managers who 'wear all the hats'
  • Business Development & Marketing teams


This seminar will be recorded and made available in our On Demand library after the live event.

Presented by

Lesley Hays
Customer Experience Specialist at ALPMA

Lesley is ALPMA’s Customer Experience Specialist and unofficial Canva Power User. Her background in web production, user experience and digital marketing helps her use this tool to its full potential, bringing the whole team along for the ride.

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