2024 Cyber Security Boardroom Workshop Series

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In partnership with AUCloud, we’re extending an exclusive invitation to ALPMA Members: the opportunity to participate in engaging in-person roundtable events hosted across select capital cities and metropolitan regions. These legal industry focused workshops are designed to offer the latest insights, training modules and frameworks, and to foster dynamic discussions between peers, facilitated by industry experts.

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Key Workshop Highlights
  • Cutting-Edge Insights – Delve into the forefront of cyber security with the latest insights from industry leaders, providing a real-time understanding of emerging threats.
  • Specialised Training – Equip yourself with specialised training modules tailored to address the evolving challenges in the digital landscape, ensuring that law firms of all sizes possess the necessary tools and skills.
  • Dynamic Frameworks – Unravel the complexities of cyber security through interactive frameworks designed to foster a deeper understanding of protection, detection, and response strategies.
  • Robust Peer Discussions – Engage in robust discussions with peers and industry experts, exchanging ideas and experiences that enrich your perspective on navigating the intricate world of cyber threats.
Cyber security compliance and strategic planning

1. Cyber security Health Check:

Engage in a focused boardroom lunch series designed to assess and fortify your law firm’s cyber security posture, ensuring compliance and resilience.

2. Strategic Risk Evaluation:

Join an insightful series where we evaluate and address potential cyber security risks specific to law firms, providing strategic recommendations for enhancement.

3. Tailored Security Roadmap:

Receive a customised cyber security roadmap during the lunch series, guiding your law firm towards a robust security posture with actionable steps and best practices.

Building a Cyber Security Strategy for your firm

1. Strategic Cyber security Blueprint:

Develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy tailored to your firm’s needs during an engaging boardroom lunch workshop.

2. Board-Level Insights:

Gain invaluable insights at the executive level on building and implementing a robust cyber security framework for your organisation.

3. Interactive Planning Session:

Participate in an interactive workshop that combines insightful discussions with practical exercises, empowering your board to proactively shape a resilient cyber security strategy.

A must for any Partner, Practice Manager or IT specialist within a law firm

Testing your cyber security strength: Training for how to respond to Cyber Attacks

1. Cyber security Strength Assessment:

Gain insights into your organisation’s cyber security readiness through practical exercises and simulations.

2. Hands-On Training for Cyber Attacks:

Equip your team with essential skills for responding to cyber threats through immersive training sessions and real-world scenarios

3. Enhanced Preparedness:

Strengthen your overall cyber security posture by testing and refining your response strategies, ensuring readiness in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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