Course Abstract
ALPMA Webinar recorded 29 May 2019.

This session is a non geek’s guide to practical steps you can take that require little or no capital outlay but will improve the way you work, your client’s satisfaction with your work and your firm’s bottom line.

Common reasons for not starting digital transformation (in any industry) are: 

  1. too many ideas 
  2. not enough time
  3. no budget.  
  4. They overlook that there is serious innovation capacity in improving internal processes and people.

The webinar will cover low cost steps that you can take in your law firm today to adapt to the changes reshaping the legal services market:

  • working smarter
  • unbundling legal service delivery
  • legal project management
  • people management
  • credible social media presence

You don’t need to wait for the leadership team to produce a five year innovation plan. Find out what you can you do to use the new legal tech tools immediately.

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CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
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1 hour/unit
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Video with slides
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Fiona McLay, Special Counsel | Rankin Business Lawyers
Technology & Knowledge
Legal technology
AUD $99.00
AUD $99.00