Power-charging your reporting with Microsoft Power BI - June 2020
Course Abstract
ALPMA webinar presented by Robyna May, Verlata Consulting, 2 June 2020.

Law firms collect a lot of data in a lot of different places but it can be difficult to analyse that data through one lens and to share information and insights consistently and securely. 

The reports available within practice management systems are limited and difficult to customise. They provide huge amounts of detail but they are difficult to read at a glance.

Power BI, a product that you may already own through Office 365, can provide a solution. It allows you to create customised, high-level, interactive, visual and intuitive reports, based on a variety of data sets.
This session will cover:

  • Why business intelligence is so important and why practice management systems aren’t always enough
  • What the Power BI product actually is, how it works with Office 365, what’s free - what isn’t and how reports are delivered
  • How Power BI can connect to a variety of data sources (including practice management systems)
  • A walk through example reports, delving into the functionality and the interactive user experience that Power BI provides

As we near the new financial year, we are faced with unique challenges as we adapt to Covid-19. Power BI reports can quickly show you the financial health of your firm and allow you to drill down into points of concern. It can also offer a higher level of transparency into how your team is adapting to remote work and how productivity is being affected by recent changes.

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CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
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1 hour/unit
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Video with slides
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Robyna May, Verlata Consulting
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Jun 2020
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Professional Skills
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