Threshold | Evolution of the legal workplace
Course Abstract
VIC practice management seminar recorded June 2019.

Simon Pole, Design Director at Unispace, share his insights into the current trends in the legal workplace. Simon is an expert in workplace design innovation and he has much to share about the future of the workplace. This session will open your eyes to global trends and initiatives.

While the legal sector typically ‘races to be second’ when it comes to new trends and initiatives, we’ve recently seen more firms seeking to innovate with the tools they use, and to test how nimble they can be in this fast-changing world. Simon will explore 21 influences on the legal workplace and why law firms are needing to adopt a more fluid mentality in this disruptive era of change.

Key Takeaways

  • What the current trends for the future of the legal workplace look like
  • How you can adapt these trends to your workplace
  • Why adopting change in the workplace can benefit your firm
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Course Level
CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
Course Duration
1 hour/unit
Course Type
Recording Type
Livestream recording
Course Provider
Simon Pole, UniSpace
Strategy & Innovation
Legal business models & industry trends
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AUD $99.00