Q&A Webinar: Managing the Psychology of Sustained Disruption
Course Abstract
Webinar recorded 4 June 2020.

As firms consider how they set up a successful transition back to the office, it is important that they not only protect the physical safety of their people but also consider what is required to feel psychologically safe. With a sharp increase in mental health assistance requests (AFR advising it is up 40%) and suicide on the rise, it is imperative that workplaces put in place proactive mental health and wellbeing initiatives. There wasn’t much time to prepare people as they transitioned into COVID-19, but there is an amazing opportunity now for workplaces to support their people through the ongoing transitions of what has been aptly termed ‘sustained disruption’.  

During the session, Sarah will cover:  

  • The unique context of COVID-19 and how to transition well through sustained disruption. 

  • Practical strategies for how firms can psychologically protect the wellbeing of their people. 

  • Tips for building consistent leadership capability at this unprecedented time.  

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CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
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Dr Sarah Cotton, Transitioning Well
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Jun 2020
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