Prepare or Panic: Business Continuity Planning Essentials
Course Abstract
Recorded September 2019 - ALPMA Summit day 3, plenary session.

How prepared is your firm for a disaster “event”? The risks facing organisations never abate, and are ever evolving. From the sudden departure of key people, to unwanted negative media attention, fraud, weather events or terrorism, the risks are plenty.

In this interactive session, participants will be provided with an overview of the key facets all good business continuity plans must have. After a general overview as to what good practice is with respect to business continuity planning, the session will then transition to covering practical tips specifically related to disaster preparedness and response. The session will be interactive, placing participants in the decision chair, as an extreme, yet realistic but hypothetical incident scenario unfolds. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what crisis preparation and disaster response protocols should look like in a real life situation.

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CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
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1 hour/unit
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Livestream recording
Course Provider
Nell McKay and Dion Cusack, K&L Gates
Operational Management
Risk Management
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AUD $199.00