Mental health: professional responsibility and ethical issues
Course Abstract
ALPMA webinar recorded 26 February 2020.

Research shows that the lawyers are more at risk of mental health issues than the general population.  There is increasing attention toward this topic and support for those affected.

This session is designed to consider the issue through the perspective of the rules and regulations that govern lawyers' ethical and professional conduct issues.

  • Overview of mental health issues, incidence in the profession and resources available
  • Review of general professional and ethical obligations (Consideration of Uniform Law and general principles: not specific for each state*)
  • Dealing with the regulators re admission and application for and renewal of Practice Certificate
  • Employment issues: obligations during recruitment and employment including discrimination and privacy considerations
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Risk Management, Unprofessional Conduct and Professional Misconduct issues
  • Impediments to disclosure and dealing with issues, stigma etc
  • Duty to the Court and Duty to Client.

This session will concentrate on the Uniform Law and the general principles of disclosure of mental health issues at admission and by lawyers when applying for or renewal of a practising certificate. Each state is different and all jurisdictions cannot be covered in the 45 minutes allocated for this session.

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CPD: Ethics and Professional Responsibility
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1 hour/unit
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Video with slides
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Cathryn Urquhart, College of Law WA
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